Grand Opening of Ma-Jong Resort & Spa

Grand Opening of Ma-Jong Resort & Spa

Jayson Lux

Switzerland. (March 9, 2017) — Alfredo Franco, announces, he will soon be opening the doors to the highly-anticipated Ma-Jong Resort & Spa, his brand’s first resort in Tagaytay Philippines. The resort’s select first guests will take part in an epic soirée
then join the staff for the official ribbon-cutting celebration. Making way for the best new Hotel Resort and Spa in Tagaytay Philippines

“Tagaytay tops travelers’ lists as a sought-after destination on a consistent basis,” said Alfredo Franco, President of Ma-Jong Resorts. “The introduction to Ma-Jong Resort & Spa will provide guests with the ultimate tropical atmosphere that will take your breath away in the vibrant and unique setting of Tagaytay. Surrounded by Tagaytay Marine Park, this 16-suite resort boasts a chic design and state-of-the-art technology, including free Wi-Fi and top in-room amenities. With the only rooftop bar in Tagaytay, a five-star restaurant, cigar lounge, and theme parties, Ma-Jong Resort & Spa will provide the ultimate vacation experience. This brand-new resort takes Unlimited-Bliss to the next level, offering guests full access to all amenities. Free flow access to Tagaytay adventures allows guests to enjoy nature, peace, and to indulge in the romantic atmosphere that Ma-Jong Resorts are known for.

“Tagaytay Philippines is the perfect addition to our growing Ma-Jong Resorts & Spas brand, meeting the high expectations of today’s social traveler,” said Alfredo Franco, CEO of Ma-Jong Resorts Group. “The Ma-Jong brand has now grown to two properties, both in destinations where travelers are looking for excitement and entertainment during their vacations. We are happy to answer this need by providing an energized atmosphere for sophisticated singles, couples and groups of friends.”

Tagaytay holds natural beauty in its mountains, lush forests and sea. Its tropical landscape offers adults access to a variety of activities, including hiking and cycling trails, cultural experiences and adventure tours in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area.

“Tagaytay has become one of the top destinations in the Philippines,” said Alfredo Franco, CEO of Ma-Jong Resorts Group. “The island’s inherent beauty paired with the destination’s ease of travel made Tagaytay Philippines the natural choice for our latest opening.”

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