Ma-Jong Spa


With suites inspired by the tropical setting, combined with our therapist's skillful touch, The Ma-Jong Spa gives our visitors an experience of lavish peacefulness.

Regardless of whether you look for health, beauty, or a general feeling of unwinding and revival, The Ma-Jong Spa's treatments and services are restorative, reenergizing, and mirror the best practices of mending customs from around the globe. The Ma-Jong Spa's exceptional emphasis on healing techniques and cultural practices welcome you to appreciate the antiquated skill of our healing methods utilizing natural and organic resources and the freshest ingredients from our local community.
Setting new models for extravagance and the most recent patterns in spa treatments, The Ma-Jong Spa boasts a suite of multiple extensive, treatment rooms intended to radiate a feeling of quiet and tranquility—each with its own unwinding territory, glass-encased shower, profound deep soak tub, personal changing area and wardrobe closet to give you a definitive in privacy amid your spa experience. We offer Couples treatments, and bridal or birthday spa parties may also be reserved.
The Ma-Jong Spa Signature Massages and Treatments all start with a cleansing and relaxing foot massage that sets a spoiling tone for your exceptionally customized spa experience. From that point, you have a decision of an extensive variety of Treatments intended to recuperate, unwind, detoxify, restore and recharge. Among the many services and holistic treatments offered at The Ma-Jong Spa.